Cinema Production Service 2014

February 17th 2014: Meet Rebus Render Farm at the exhibition of film production services and equipment in Russia

CPS Cinema Production Servise-2014Visit us at the CPS (Cinema Production Service), an exhibition for professional film production services in Russia. The Exhibition takes place from Wednesday to Friday, 12 March to 14 March 2014 at the Expocenter, the largest exhibition complex in the central part of Russia and Europe. If you want to get a closer look at what RebusFarm provides, we are looking forward to present our Service to you and meet you personally.

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Price-cut to 2,9 cent / GHzh

February 10th 2014: Price-cut to 2.9 cent/ Ghzh at RebusFarm

Rendering on RebusFarm is now cheaper than ever: The price for a GHzh is now only 2,9 cent, with discounts offered down to 1.16 cents / GHzh. This is the best price in render farm industry and comes without any limitation to quantities of nodes, or whatever. For this price your render job will start without any waiting time, no hassle of installation, no extra costs. It includes the Farminizer Software, mobile apps, human support, etc.

As a new registrant you will get a 10 EUR free trial which is an equivalent to testing a modern i7 core Server for 13 hours.

We also reduced the prices for Unlimited Render Rentals, similar to the metered service.

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V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

February 7th 2014: RebusFarm supports V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

RebusFarm now supports V-Ray 3.0 for Autodesk 3ds Max. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the application.

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Special Christmas Offer

December 23rd 2013: Render at half price!

Between December 23rd and January 5th RebusFarm only charges 50% for each render. During these days every render job only costs half of the usual Renderpoints.

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Add-the-Sea Plugin for CINEMA 4D

November 08th 2013: Add-the-Sea R3 for CINEMA 4D

RebusFarm now supports the Add-the-Sea plugin, a wave former and spindrift shader for CINEMA 4D R15.

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