The low-priced online Render Farm Service

The Render Farm offers three different price models for using our render service online. 

Render farm Economy

Simply the best choice for economic, highly competitive rendering on the Render Farm.

Online rendering starts at a standard rate of only 3.1 Cent / GHzh, and our discount system allows for decreases to 1.18 Cent / GHzh.

Using this rate, your online rendering normally starts within a matter of minutes and we offer it without any limitation to minimum charges, job size, etc. You will benefit from it with the first cent of your renderings.

Render farm Business

The best choice for your business. A mixture of economic and prioritized rendering.

The business rate for online rendering starts at 4.2 Cent / GHzh, and with our discount system can decrease to 1.72 Cent / GHzh.

Render jobs with the business rate will always start before render jobs using the economy rate. This rate gives the best mixture of economy and priority for online rendering.

Render farm Premium

Always at the front, even in rush-hour. No compromises. Rendering with the highest priority.

Online rendering with the premium rate starts at 5.3 Cent / GHzh and decreases with automatically granted discounts down to 2.04 Cent cent / GHzh. Online rendering for premium rate render jobs always starts before render jobs using the economy or business rates. With this tariff you will be always the first in line. Your choice for tough deadlines.