Manager Windows

The RebusFarm Manager is divided into three windows: The project list, project details and the log.

Project list

The top window, containing the project list, shows you all of the jobs currently being controlled by the Manager, clearly layed out with the most important parameters visible. You can see the status of your render jobs and the choosen price model. Use the 'Output Folder' column to access the rendered images which have been saved locally.

Project details

The contextual window for project details contains more detailed information about the render job. Using the 'Output' tab you can also call up a thumbnail version of the rendered output. If you have an overdrawn account, this is where you can see what can be downloaded after paying the reminder of your bill.

The 'Project details' window gives you early warning of user and system errors, allowing you to stop the render job and save time and costs.


The log window allows you to keep an eye on what the Manager is doing. If you have a problem, you just need to save the log and send it to our support-team, who will try to fix it.