RebusFarm 2.0 - Release

February 2nd 2015: New RebusFarm Software out now!


We are happy to announce our new Render Farm Software RebusFarm 2.0.

RebusFarm 2.0 will work in parallel with the previous Rebus Manager for four weeks. Please use this time to change over to the new system and get ready for your next render job. Read more here.

LightWave Update

January 27th 2015: RebusFarm update to LightWave 2015.1

RebusFarm now supports NewTek LightWave 2015.1. Of course our older versions remain available.

MentalCore for Maya

January 27th 2015: Support of MentalCore for Maya 2015

As of now RebusFarm supports MentalCore for Autodesk Maya 2015.

CINEMA 4D R16 Update

January 27th 2015: Update to version 16.027

RebusFarm now supports Cinema 4D R16.027. Of course our older versions remain available.

Blender update

January 27th 2015: Blender update to version 2.73

RebusFarm now supports Blender 2.73. As always our older versions remain available.